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These templates represent the general dimensions Ashes uses on our canoes or as replacement parts. They combine a good blend between strength, weight and comfort. Those who’d like to take a closer look might take a moment to download the templates and look at the dimensions and design notes included on the PDF. There should be enough there to help one decide whether she or he wishes to embark on the project. And of course, if you’re building your own boat? Guess what cowboy! You’re not on your own anymore.


canoe yoke and thwart plans
Notes about These Templates

The shapes offered here are appropriate for the large majority of paddlers and their canoes. Those with particularly large shoulders or necks may wish to enlarge the yoke depth and width by an inch or more. The best way to test would be to cut out a cardboard template and feel out whether or not it nestles into your anatomy appropriately. Likewise, those with particularly narrow shoulders may wish to test the size before committing to the carving tools.

The templates come with brief suggestions for woods and finish. I might reinforce the idea that the higher the quality of the stock you begin with the easier and more durable your parts will be in the end. No knots. Straight grain. No cracks or checking. And a good UV protection when it’s all said and done.

As for transferring the templates to your building stock? Well, they come as a 24″ x 36″ sheet which can be printed by us and shipped to you. They can be downloaded and printed by a copy shop close to you. Or, they can be “tiled” by your own printer. Even easier, there is a 1″ by 1″ grid under the templates so it should be easy enough to transfer the plans the old fashioned way without print anything out at all.

What You Get

When you download the templates you will receive immediate access to a 24″ x 36″ pdf which, when printed, will contain fully sized templates for the parts. Many shipping outlets, business supply outlets, and quick-print shops will print the pdf for two or three dollars. In Canada we pay $3.00 or so per sheet. If you’re being asked to pay more, make a phone call or two!

If you’ve chosen to order print plans, we’ll print and send the pdf to you in a 9″ x 12″ envelope via Canada Post onto your national postal carrier. Typically we send each order the next business day.

Like our paddle templates which have been downloaded by thousands of builders my hope is that these templates give you a good start and finish with solid and long lasting parts for your canoe. Should you find them useful I’d be gratified to hear from you.

Enjoy the build and send us pictures send us pictures when you’re done!


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Printed Plans – $15 USD

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