Golden light, the water still warm and mist coming in over the cornfields. I met David and Nathan at Sebben Bridge at dawn. Ten minutes later, Nathan and I had wrestled the boats down the mud banks, the sun was cresting the eastern rise and David’s camera was clicking triple time.

These boats are perfectly designed for paddling the creeks and rivers of South Western Ontario. Sometimes tight, sometimes shallow, sometimes with a swift or series of pour overs, and always with the puzzle of a muskrat to worry the dogs; a paddle feels like a walk through time.

These boats are built light enough to pick up with one hand and rest on a shoulder. A climb up a mud bank or through the brambles is easier than you’d think it should be. And their rocker allows for easy maneuvering and a sure stroke sets them jumping forward with the slightest power.

 The Wm Lauver

An hour after having set out Nathan and I returned to the bridge where Waldron was waiting with his new dog. David and I headed downriver, and ever the contrarian, Waldron headed upriver with Nathan in his wake.

He will disagree with me on this by the way.

The real payoff came after the boys got turned around at the iron bridge. They floated west with the sun on a River that carried with it the warmth from fields that still held the last residue of September sun. Knuckles that should have been frozen, loosened and the impending winds of November seemed hardly a dream …


 The Photos

All photos on this page come from the lens of David Charlesworth, a photographer who’s practice extends well beyond his base in Stratford, Ontario. Any pictures here are available as custom prints … framed or otherwise. Please contact the photographer for more information.



The Canoes

15 feet on the waterline. 30 pounds. Cedar strip core between 4oz and 6oz glass layed to maximize stiffness. Laminated gunnels and classic woven cane seats. Low profile to reduce windage. Asymmetric rocker to aid maneuverability. Designed for solo paddlers using either a single or double paddle.

The Solo Day


Paddle Your Own Boat

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