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All Water Fifteen

for cedar strip construction

 15 feet x 24 inches – 35 pounds

A versatile kayak that integrates the stability of a recreational boat, the soul of a touring kayak, and a general dollop of playfulness

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Why Free?

Well, it’s a new boat and the plans won’t be free for long. We’ve done this before and found that the increased downloads and subsequent feedback is invaluable when finalizing plans.

So yup, the plans are yours for the taking but keep in mind this is a prototype. Our only ask is that you check-in and let us know about your experience. Act quick ‘cuz I don’t know when we’ll withdraw the offer. And enjoy!

Oh, and if you want something shorter, you might want to try the All Water 13.

A Go Anywhere Kayak

The All Water 15 is a recreational kayak with the lines of a thoroughbred and a playful spirit.

At 15 feet by 24 inches she starts out relatively stable. This is evident in her central chines which extend fore and aft the cockpit. A novice paddler should find that she tracks well, and has a predictable nature in flat and modest conditions. Experienced paddlers on the other hand will find that the chines combined with her somewhat flat(ish) central cross sections contribute to her playfulness … in the hands of those who know what they’re up to she’ll be able to pick up a wave and carve down its bottom side.

Is She Easy to Build?

Yes and no. How’s that for equivocation?

A kayak is harder to build than a canoe. Whilst the curves aren’t nearly so tight as a canoe of a similar length the cross sections can be a challenge at the hull and deck chines; you’ll have to use a rolling bevel to fit the strips in places; not a big deal but perhaps a bit of a learning curve for first time builders.

Also, unlike a canoe, the builder will have to fabricate a cockpit riser and rim, and attach the deck and hull to each other. Furthermore, a hatch and watertight bulkheads can add complexity should you choose to include them.

None of this an insurmountable challenge for a novice builder and there are plenty of online instructions and tutorials available. Patience, sharp tools and a good book will go a long way to easing the task.

What You Get

When you order plans from Ashes you get all the information you need to build the canoe or kayak of your choosing, along with a licence to build one boat. This includes full size templates for the relevant stations, stems and associated parts and pieces. What you won’t get are instructions for assembly. The schematics below illustrate what the printed sheets look like. They are 24″ x 36″ and can be printed for a couple of dollars per sheet at most retail print shops and shipping outlets.

My best advice for first time builders considering the All Water 15 would be to order Ted Moore’s classic: Kayak Craft; Fine Woodstrip Kayak Contruction. You’ll be glad you did.




  • Length Over All
15’0″4.57 m
  • Length on the Waterline
14’4″”4.37 m
  • Beam Over All
24″61 cm
  • Beam on the Waterline
23.75″60 cm
  • Rocker – Aft
1″2.5 cm
  • Rocker – Fore
2″5 cm
  • Height – Bow
14.5″37 cm
  • Height – Front Deck
11.5″29 cm
  • Height – Rear Deck
8.0″20 cm
  • Height – Stern
10″25 cm
  • Displacement at 3.0″
150 lbs68 kg
  • Displacement at 3.5″
185 lbs 68 kg
  • Displacement at 4.0″
230 lbs 104 kg
  • Displacement at 4.5″
270 lbs 122 kg
  • Maximum Load (at 5″)
315 lbs143 kg
Surface Areas
  • Total Surface Area
47.8 sq ft4.44 sq m
  • Total Wetted Surface
21.5 sq ft1.99 sq m
  • Lateral Wind Surface Area
9.6 sq ft0.89 sq m
  • Meta-Centric Height
1′ 2″35 cm
  • Prismatic Coefficient
  • Block Coefficient


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