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A complete set of building plans for an easy to build 4 panel plywood kayak.



Plans for the 24 Hour Kayak 8 sheets of full size templates and building hints that include all the information required to build a kayak in as little as two weekends.

Our hope is that first time builders, moms-dads-sons-and-daughters, high school shop teachers, summer camp leaders,  not-for-profit organizations, micro-manufacturers, and job-training groups will be able to take these plans and make a bunch of great boats.


The 24 Hour Kayak

What You Get When You Order Plans for the 24 Hour Kayak

There are things we can give you. And there are things we can’t.

If you order plans for this boat you will get the drawings, dimensions, notes, and building tips required to build the 24 Hour Kayak in roughly 24 hours. You won’t need to buy a book, or watch hours of instructional videos.

With a little patience, and a good look-through of the online steps, most builders will emerge with something they can be proud of. That said, you’ll need some basic skills (or patience to acquire them) and tools. Those are things we can’t give you. Only you know if they’re within you ken.

Plans for the 24 Hour Kayak come complete with all the information required to build the boat. The nine sheets include:

Sheet 1 – Dimensional, profile views, and plan views.
Sheet 2 – Dimensional panel drawings with lofting and cutting notes.
Sheet 3 – Full size cross-sections with notes.
Sheet 4 – Full size cutting templates – aft stations.
Sheet 5 – Full size cutting templates – forward stations.
Sheet 6 – Full size templates – stems.
Sheet 7 – Full size templates – coaming riser and lip.
Sheet 8 – Full size templates – fittings.

Digital Plans?

Digital plans are the bomb!
They can be downloaded immediately after payment has been processed (you’ll find the link in the confirmation email). They are cheaper. They save paper.  And in this day and age, there are printers ’round almost every corner.

At Ashes we use a wide-format printer of the sort commonly available at UPS Stores, Kinko’s outlets, and other retail Office Supply outlets. Printing costs in these outlets can run between $1 and $2.50 per sheet. If you wish to economize, there is no need to print the cover, the lines plan, or the construction detail sheets. Also, even though there are some coloured lines on the plans, there is no need to print in colour.

Printed and Shipped?

Of course, not everybody is in a rush, and some folks live miles and miles from a print outlet. So. Printed plans are sent free from Stratford, Ontario in Canada using Canada Post as the originating carrier. We generally ship within 2 business days. After that its up to the postal service. We’ve found that delivery can take as little as three days to a week within North America; between a week and two weeks to most of Europe; and significantly longer to Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. For those in a rush, contact us about courier fees.

The Licence – How Many Boats can You Build

Please note that each set of plans for the 24 Hour Kayak include a licence to build 1 boat.
Builders wishing to build two or more boats will need to purchase an additional licence for each additional boat.
The easiest way to do this is to add an additional “immediate download” in your shopping cart during check-out.

I know. I know. This sucks.
As much as Ashes would like to let our customers build as many boats as they please from each order, we need to put food in our tummies, just like you. When kindly intentioned people share our plans with their friends, or with a class of 8 students let’s say, there are more Ashes in the word (cool) but less food on my table (not cool). Producing the plans for a boat like the 24 Hour Kayak can take many hundreds of hours (if you don’t believe me, count the number of elements on just one page of our pdfs). I do it because I like doing it. But just like all of you good folks who go to work everyday and get paid for each widget you might sell, I’d like to think we (meaning me, the designer, Trevor Paetkau) deserves the same respect.  And if you think so too, and if everybody plays fair, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to retire … okay, mini-speech over. Thank you much for understanding.


Ready to Order?

Not yet cowboy.

Lot’s has happened since our initial plans to publish in 2019; some quirks showed up during classroom testing; a move; Covid; and then a so far successful! but distracting none-the-less, bout with cancer and subsequent treatment for designer, Trevor Paetkau. All things being what they are, current plans are to publish the drawings in April of 2021. When published, payment will be processed using Paypal which allows for bank transfers or the use of any major credit card. Don’t worry though, you won’t need a Paypal account.

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