It was a cold spring but by the time the boat was finished. We put in at the confluence of the Avon and Thames where the water had warmed enough that lining upriver was like a warm caress on the ankles.

The Avon had settled and beautiful green algae slid under the hull.
Christy was there too, taking pictures, and taking advantage of the evening light.
In the event it isn’t obvious, she takes great pictures.

I think that each boat turns out better.
I almost don’t want to start another one after this.

Trevor Paetkau

Trevor Paetkau

This boat came out of an old plank sitting in the wood racks at Blackwood Chair. The colour moved from chocolate to white, but I didn't really know what we had until I laid out the strips on the floor and started moving them around like puzzle pieces. Sometimes things just fall into place. This was one of those times.

These boats draw so little water and are so responsive that paddling them is almost as effortless as daydreaming. Watching the bottom slide by inches below becomes a hypnotic wonderland.