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Building a canoe is a large commitment and how you finish depends on how you start; it’s important to make the right decisions at the beginning. Review this page and find out exactly what you get when you order plans from Ashes.



Some Things to Think About Before You Start

Ashes Still Water Boats are optimized for light-weight construction, day trips and light overnighters. Order canoe plans from Ashes Still Water Boats if:

– you are attracted to an elegant, minimalist aesthetic
– you are looking for a canoe optimized for protected bodies of still water, or slow moving tributaries
– your boat will be used primarily for day use or weekend overnighters
– order plans for a Solo Trip if you are looking for a solo canoe that canoe handle larger water
– you are looking for a light canoe with a minimalist spec
– you are looking for a canoe that tracks well, and has good paddling efficiencies

If you’d like to know more about our canoe designs, read: “Why Choose a Canoe Design from Ashes.
If you’re not sure which canoe to design, read: “Choosing Which Canoe to Build

What You Get

– Cover Sheet
– Building and design notes
– Full size templates for all stations and stems, fore and aft
– Scaled template for seat construction
– Scaled template for thwart construction
– Scaled templates for seat, thwart and deck placement
– Scaled drawing indicating precise forms placement
– Scaled strongback drawing with precision measurements
– Materials list
– Hydrostatics

– click images to enlarge –

What You Don’t Get

– Plans from Ashes come complete with all the details necessary to build a canoe but they do not include building instructions.
– If you are novice builder you may benefit from an instruction book such as those by Gil Gilpatrick or Ted Moore:

– For a good overview of the building process, James Clem has published an online primer here: Canoe Building – The Basics

Digital Downloads

A download link will be sent in your confirmation email. The link allows for three downloads over a period of 1 year. The download files are comprised of one 24″ x 36″ merged pdf.

At Ashes we use a wide-format printer of the sort commonly available at UPS Stores, Kinko’s outlets, and other retail print and mail outlets. Printing costs in these outlets can run between $1 and $2.50 per sheet. If you wish to economize, there is no need to print the cover, the lines plan, or the construction detail sheets. Also, even though there are some coloured lines on the plans, there is no need to print in colour.

Printed Plans

Plans are printed on 24″ x 36″ sheets. There is no need to scale the drawings as the stations are printed at full size. You will need to transfer the lines to your physical molds. At Ashes we do this with ould fashioned carbon-copy paper.

Customers choosing free shipping will receive their plans folded in a 9″ x 12″ envelope. Plans sent via the free shipping option go out via regular post and are not tracked.

For customers who would rather not have fold creases in their plans, a $35 Expedited Parcel option is available during checkout. Plans sent via this option are rolled in cardboard tube, and the package can be tracked via one of three shippers; CanPar, UPS or Purolater, depending on your location.


Why Choose CANOE PLANS  from Ashes

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