A Stable and Light Canoe for Anglers, Photographers & Birdwatchers
With Classic or Hard Chined Tumblehome
15 Feet x 34 Inches
Canoe Plans for Cedar Strip Construction
$65 USD Digital Download – $85 USD Print Plans
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The Ashes Angler - Canoe Plans for Cedar Strip Construction

Bob's Your Uncle

Things to Know

The Ashes Angler is variation on our Reversible Day, itself a modern take on the classic Bob’s Special.

She is designed with high initial stability which means she provides a stable platform for those wishing to build a boat for angling, birdwatching or photography.

We have also kept her materials requirements light. She has modest freeboard and low ends. This means she won’t kick up quite the fight in a wind, however she may not be the best boat for bigger water. Like many of our designs she’s drawn for backwaters, wetlands, bays and meandering rivers and creeks.



Length over All : 15.00 ft
Length on Waterline : 14.72 ft

Beam over All : 34 in
Beam on Waterline : 32 in
Beam at Gunnels : 31 in

Height at Bow : 19.5 in
Height at Midships : 12.5 in
Height at Stern : 19.5 in

Rocker Bow : 1.5 in
Rocker Stern : 1.5 in

Displacement at 2.5” : 180 lbs
Displacement at 3.0” : 235 lbs
Displacement at 3.5” : 2285 lbs
Displacement at 4.0″ : 340 lbs
Maximum Load          : 560 lbs

Block coefficient : 0.4497
Prismatic coefficient : 0.5481

Wetted surface area : 26.08 ft^2
Total Surface area : 5.04 ft^2
Lateral wind area  : 18.69 ft^2

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