Building a boat is a commitment of hours and dreams. How you finish is often predicated on the way you start; it’s important to make the right decisions at the beginning. Are Ashes plans for you?

Some things to think about before you start.

Ashes Still Water Boats are optimized for light-weight construction, day trips and light overnighters. Order canoe plans from Ashes Still Water Boats if:

– you are attracted to an elegant, minimalist aesthetic
– you are looking for a canoe optimized for protected bodies of still water, or slow moving tributaries
– your boat will be used primarily for day use or weekend overnighters
– you are looking for a light canoe with a minimalist spec
– you are looking for a canoe that tracks well, and has good paddling efficiencies

What You Get

– Cover Sheet
– Building and design notes
– Full size templates for all stations and stems, fore and aft
– Scaled template for seat construction
– Scaled template for thwart construction
– Scaled templates for seat, thwart and deck placement
– Scaled drawing indicating precise forms placement
– Scaled strongback drawing with precision measurements
– Materials list
– Hydrostatics
– Precision cut molds (only by special request)

What You Don’t Get

– Plans from Ashes come complete with all the details necessary to build a canoe but they do not include building instructions.
– If you are novice builder you may benefit from an instruction book such as Gil Gilpatrick’s, Building A Strip Canoe, or Ted Moore’s,  Canoecraft.


– Digital download – 24″ x 36″ merged pdf
– Printed plans – 24″ x 36″ printed sheets, rolled and delivered in cardboard tube
– Precision cut molds (special request) – 3/4″ mdf, cnc milled, delivered surface freight within North America

Why Choose a Boat from Ashes

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