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Choosing Plans for a Pack Boat

So You Want to Build a Pack Boat? There’s no shortage of plans. And Wouldn’t You Just Know It? We Have a List. Since you’re on this page it’s a pretty good guess that you’re giving serious thought to building a small canoe. I’m also presuming that you’re a wise guy or gal and you’re […]

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Barn Finds

Youth can’t be regretted and craft won’t be forgotten. History, even when burned, remains … And then there was this … do you remember?  

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The Wm Lauver

“When I imagine him, I am drawn to the love of nature he passed on to his daughters. It leads me to thoughts of Autumn leaves quaking in the foothills, of smoke rising from an early morning camp, and a quiet paddle on a still Alberta lake. Thinking such things lead me to the idea of a […]

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