A Simple Boat

A Fast and Simple Day Boat Designed for Inland Waters, Estuaries and Wetlands

The Ashes Tandem Day is quick to come up to speed, she’s maneuverable, and she’s beautiful.

I designed her for the kind of paddling we do here in Southwest Ontario: where sometimes you’re carrying your boat through a cornfield or tangle of brambles to get to the put-in. She’s easy enough for one to wrangle from rack to water, and a breeze for two.

She’s assymetric below the waterline with a tumblehome that references elegant cottage craft of the past. Low bow and stern mean reduced windage and a shallow arch bottom means her initial stability is good. The moderate rocker means that she turns when you need her to, and tracks when you want her to. And she covers ground like a champ. Birdwatchers, fishermen and women, and photographers will love her.

And yup … she can carry a load; kids in the middle, your dogs or light overnighters. She has enough displacement that you needn’t leave anybody behind.

It was hot and humid the day we took these pictures. Nothing was coming off the water; no cool breeze and not a sound from the birds. Even the ducks had found somewhere to hide. We heard thunder to the west and somewhere above the millpond you could hear faded music. We figured it was a wedding in the Gardens. I hope they had a big tent.


The Tandem Ashes Day

16 feet

Overall – 35″
Waterline – 32.5″
Gunnels – 31″

Stern – 1″ (6″ from stern)
Bow – 2″ (6″ from bow)

Stern – 17″
Midships – 13″
Bow – 20″

Centre of Buoyancy:
7’8″ from stern

Centre of Lateral Resistance
7’9″ from stern

Displacement :

2.5″ – 180 lbs
3.0″ – 230 lbs
4.0″ – 350 lbs
5.0″ – 470 lbs
7.0″ – 865 lbs (maximum load)

Total Surface Area:
60 square feet

Total Wetted Area:
28.34 square feet

Approximate Weight:
40 to 45 lbs

Centre of Wind Resistance:
8’2″ from stern

Complete building plans are available from Ashes in both digital and print formats.