The Ashes Solo Day is a light canoe with modern lines. When designing her, I imagined a boat where the paddler could stand to look over brush, or apply leverage to push through a mat of grass. She would be very personal; the boat would fit the paddler like a glove, he or she would be locked in much like a kayak, able to move with the boat and water with ease.


The boats pictured here are a pair of Solo Days; one with a cherry trim and the other with walnut. Both feature laminated gunnels, woven cane seats, and antler insets. Both are built with cedar cores and weigh under 30lbs. Like all the boats I design they are elegant, unique, and a joy to paddle.

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The Ashes Solo Day

15 feet

Overall – 29″
Waterline – 26.5″
Gunnels – 26″

Stern – .75″ (6″ from stern)
Bow – 1.5″ (6″ from bow)

Stern – 14.5″
Midships – 11.75″
Bow – 16.5″

Centre of Buoyancy:
7’8″ from stern

Centre of Lateral Resistance
7’9″ from stern

Displacement :

2.5″ – 154 lbs
3.0″ – 220 lbs
3.5″ – 272 lbs
5.5″ – 550 lbs (maximum load)

Block coefficient : 0.44
Prismatic coefficient : 0.57

Total Wetted Area:
21.82 square feet

Centre of Wind Resistance:
8’2″ from stern

Lateral wind area above waterline:
17.52 square feet

Approximate Weight:
30 lbs

Canoe Plans for Cedar Strip Construction – $65 & $85

Build Your Own Solo Day, Plans

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The Story Behind the Ashes Solo Day

When I imagine him, I am drawn to the love of nature he passed on to his daughters. It leads me to thoughts of Autumn leaves quaking in the foothills, of smoke rising from an early morning camp, and a quiet paddle on a still Alberta lake. Thinking such things lead me to the idea of a solo boat.

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