Simple Lines and a Lovely Turn in Her Belly

The Ashes Reversible Day invokes more gentle days. Based on the classic Bob’s Special, and designed with a flowing sheer, gentle tumblehome and recurved bow and stern, she is the epitome of the still water canoes so loved by cottagers of the past.

“She’s the result of dozens of iterations. Not just mine, but designers over the decades who have fallen in love with her simple lines, elegant turn, and easy portability. It took me many hours, but I think she hits the mark … she’s designed her to look a lot like yesterday, and to paddle a lot like today.”

A lightweight symmetrical canoe  that can be paddled forward by two paddlers and reversed with a single paddler. Ideal for day trips or a light overnighter. This canoe has good initial stability, suitable even for standup paddling, poling and fly-fishing. She’s a modern rendering of a “Bob’s Special”, the boat Gray Owl used to explore the inland waterways of Central Canada. The longer version maintains the same initial stability as the original. A modest bow and stern height which reduces windage and gives her a somewhat contemporary sweep to her sheer.

15 Feet by 36 Inches

40 pounds
350 pound displacement
600 pound maximum load

16 Feet by 36 Inches

45 pounds
450 pound displacement
700 pound maximum load

Modest Freeboard and Stem Heights Reduce Windage

1 1/2 inch rocker fore and aft
2 inch tumblehome
20 inch stem height
12 1/2 inches at midships

The Reversible Day’s natural environs are inland lakes, estuaries and marshes (a birdwatchers dream). If you’re headed for Lake Superior give me a call, and we’ll figure out something else just as pretty and capable of taking on the graveyard of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Time Proven Lines

Modern Building Methods, A Beautiful Blend of Old and New

Modern construction methods which bring this canoe’s weight to just shy of 40 pounds. By reducing weight where forces are negligible and reinforcing areas where stresses occur, by laminating decks and gunnels, and by utilizing a monocoque build, the Reversible Day looks like a traditional boat but paddles like a modern lightweight canoe.

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